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How to access your VPS terminal for the first time

What software/application do I need to log in to my VPS server?

You need to download an SSH client to your device (you can try PuTTY or TeraTerm.

Launch it and input the server credentials that you received in your e-mail.

Basically what you need to input are the following:

  • Your domain name or IP address of the server
  • root as username or whatever the superuser username indicated in the e-mail
  • Password (change this after log in)
  • Port is 22 (default)

Since this would be your first time logging in, you may see a security warning; just confirm it to continue.

After that you will be greeted with some messages about your server.

You will know you’re logged in when you see an almost empty screen that has something written on it in this format:


Congratulations! You can now user your private server!

Trouble logging in?

You may want to check your login credentials for any typo errors. You may want to make sure you are connected to the internet. Still can’t log in? Please send us a message and we will investigate. Please include the subscriber’s name, hosting plan and the steps taken.

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