VPS Hosting Plans

Subscribe to one of our cheapest Linux-based VPS Hosting Plans below for as low as 250 pesos. If you are in the Philippines, choosing Philippines datacenter could give you a low network latency and a single digit ping or in other words almost no delay.

A domain name is required before you can get a VPS Hosting subscription; must be purchased separately.

PlanPlan 0.5 10 GBPlan 1 25 GB (most popular)Plan 2 50 GBPlan 3 60 GBPlan 4 80 GB
CPU1 CPU1 CPU1 cpu2 CPUs2 CPUs
Storage10 GB25 GB50 GB60 GB80 GB
Basic Pricing (monthly)₱300.00₱400.00₱650.00₱1,100.00₱1,250.00
Basic Pricing (6 months)₱1,500.00₱2,100.00₱3,600.00₱6,300.00₱7,300.00
Basic Pricing (yearly)₱3,000.00₱4,200.00₱7,200.00₱12,600.00₱14,600.00
Premium Pricing (monthly)₱400.00₱550.00₱850.00₱1,250.00₱1,300.00
Premium Pricing (6 months)₱2,100.00₱3,000.00₱5,000.00₱7,300.00₱7,500.00
Premium Pricing (yearly with free domain)₱4,200.00₱6,000.00₱10,000.00₱14,600.00₱15,000.00
Backup Pricing (optional but highly recommended)₱60.00₱70.00₱150.00₱200.00₱280.00

VPS Hosting Features

  • Low latency
  • Ping results for as low as 1 ms
  • Unlimited TeamTalk Servers
  • With an optional control panel for up to three (3) websites, including up to five (5) sub-domains, three e-mail addresses and more
  • Up to 5 radio stations depending on the plan you choose
  • Up to 20+ music bots depending on the plan you choose
  • Very secure with a built-in firewall, automatically activated upon setup
  • Automatic system updates and server maintenance
  • Free .xyz, .space, .info, .me, .com, .net, .org domain
  • Free basic tutorial, basic training on how to operate the server (basic plans)
  • Free technical support when installing applications, free TeamTalk scripts (premium plans)
  • 99.9% uptime reliability

What’s included

** Each VPS Hosting plan comes with free basic support and consultation regarding proper configurations for the server.

** Premium plans include free TeamTalk scripts, useful server commands and other tutorials.

** Philippines server is only available in Premium Plan 3 or higher

** Free domain is for the Premium plan only. Only one (1) free domain name is given for each hosting package.

** Free domain is only available when you pay annually.

** Free domain is non-refundable.

** Free domains are .com, .net, .org, .space, .xyz, .me and .info. For other TLDs, you have to purchase those separately on top of the chosen subscription plan.

** You may increase your storage space anytime without upgrading your subscription plan for an additional monthly fee

** Additional payment for server backups is optional but we highly recommend to have it activated for your server.

** You can indicate your preferred Linux distro and server location before setup.

Choose from these Linux Distros

  • Debian 9-12
  • Ubuntu 16.04-22.04
  • Centos 7-8

** You can choose the location of your server below; the closer the server to you the lower the latency:

Choose from these datacenter locations

  • Manila
  • Singapore
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Tokyo
  • Sydney
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Frankfurt
  • Fremont
  • London
  • Newark
  • Toronto
  • New York
  • Amsterdam
  • San Francisco

** We accept GCash, PayMaya and PayPal as payment options.

Although we are confident that we can give the best hosting and 99.99% uptime reliability, yet we cannot predict everything. So we advise that you still perform regular backups for your data, or choose those plans that include automatic backups.