Free and Paid Training and other Services

Learn and grow with SaktoHost! Choose from our free and paid training programs and services:

Free SaktoHost Training and Services

  • TeamTalk server and application training (included when you subscribe to a TeamTalk Hosting from us)
  • Basic VPS Server Training (included when you subscribe to any of our VPS Hosting plans)
  • Azuracast training (included when you subscribe to our Radio Hosting Plan)
  • Basic Android and iOS accessibility training
  • Basic Windows and computer training
  • Basic JAWS and NVDA screen readers training
  • Basic training for GoldWave and Audacity
  • Free limited technical support when you subscribe to any of our hosting services
  • Up to 15 minutes free consultation regarding topics that are related to accessibility
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Paid SaktoHost Training and Services

Our experienced audio editors offer competitive hourly rates (P600) for flexible pricing and ongoing projects.
600 pesos per hour for audio mixing and mastering project.
    • Audio editing/mixing for as low as 600 pesos per hour
      visit this link for more details
    • Reaper Training
      visit this link to know more and to register for the course
    • Paid technical support 500 pesos/hr
    • Home Service JAWS or NVDA Training (Metro Manila only) price is negotiable
    • Home Service Windows and software installation and repair (Metro Manila only) 800 pesos/hr
    • Linux and server administration training 800 pesos/hr
    • WordPress training 500 pesos/hr
    • General accessibility training (rate is negotiable)
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    Service Agreement


    This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for audio editing/mixing, training sessions, and technical support services provided by SaktoHost to the client.

    Audio Editing/Mixing

    • A 50% deposit of the agreed rate is required to initiate work.
    • Full payment is due upon project completion and client approval.
    • Up to five (5) modification requests are included. Significant reworks may incur additional charges.
    • Final audio will be delivered in .MP3, .WAV, and .FLAC formats.
    • Final audio will be delivered to the client via their preferred method. This could include a downloadable link from a secure cloud storage service (e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) or another method agreed upon in writing.

    Training Sessions

    • Full prepayment is required before the first scheduled session.
    • Cancellations made before the start date are eligible for a full refund.
    • Cancellations after the start date forfeit the full payment.
    • Training sessions are charged at an hourly rate of ₱500.

    Technical Support

    • Full prepayment is required before the first session.
    • Partial refunds may be granted at SaktoHost’s discretion for unsatisfactory service.
    • Technical support is charged at an hourly rate of ₱500.


    • Accepted Methods: GCash, PayMaya, PayPal.
    • Invoicing: Invoices will be sent via email and are due upon receipt unless otherwise agreed upon.

    Intellectual Property

    • Upon full payment, the client owns full rights to the final audio deliverables.
    • SaktoHost retains the right to use excerpts for promotional purposes (portfolio, etc.) unless otherwise requested in writing by the client.


    • Approved Platforms: Email, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, TeamTalk.
    • Response Time: SaktoHost aims to respond to inquiries within an hour. Project turnaround times vary by complexity but generally range from 1-7 days.


    • Client Cancellation: The client may cancel at any time. Deposits are non-refundable.
    • SaktoHost Termination: SaktoHost may terminate the agreement due to non-payment, unreasonable client demands, or unprofessional behavior.

    Dispute Resolution

    • Both parties agree to attempt good-faith mediation before resorting to legal action.

    Should you have more questions about this agreement, we’re here to help! please Send us a message.