Cheap Domain Names for your Server

If you have a brand, a domain is a must. So here at SaktoHost, we give you cheap domains that you can choose from. For only 120 pesos, you will have a chance to own a domain name for your business.

Why is domain important?

If you have a website or a private server, you may want to have a domain that is pointed to a static IP address. Usually the IP is given to you when you subscribe to a hosting service like web or VPS hosting. Here at SaktoHost, we can purchase a domain name for you for a nominal fee and we will automatically set it up for your chosen subscription for free.

Is domain necessary when purchasing a hosting service?

Well yes and no. No because if for example you purchase a VPS hosting from us, we will give you a static IP address which you can use to access your server or use as a hostname for your TeamTalk and other applications that might need it. So as you may realize, an IP is just like the domain when it comes to its functionality. But if you have a hard time remembering that long sequence of numbers and you find it tedious to type, the domain name may be the solution afterall.

You would choose a domain name that is easy to remember, easy to familiarize like your brand and easy to type on the browser. The domain will also help you in the long run as you will be able to promote your services easier and Google and other search engines will be happy to index your website.

Things to consider when purchasing a domain

  • It must be short but meaningful
  • Doesn’t matter whether or not it’s in big or small letters
  • Multiple words are allowed with or without hyphen (-)
  • Period (.) is not allowed
  • Spaces are not allowed
  • Numbers are allowed
  • Usually words in the dictionary or words that are too short like “love” and “heart” are already taken so you must think of a unique name for your brand; it could be your business name

Domain Extensions

Here at SaktoHost, we offer these domain extensions (TLDs):

  • .space 120 pesos first year only
  • .xyz 130 pesos first year only
  • .info 250 pesos first year only
  • .me 350 pesos first year only
  • .org 420 pesos first year only
  • .com 500 pesos first year only
  • .net 600 pesos first year only
  • .ph,, 3,200 pesos/year

** If you want to purchase other TLDs that are not in the list, please contact us so we can assist you.

** Usually a renewal fee for the domain is different from the initial price.

** Domains once purchased are non-refundable

** You can transfer ownership for the domain.

** A free domain is included when you avail any of our Premium Hosting Plans (annually).

** We accept GCash, PayMaya and PayPal as payment options.