Audio Mixing and Mastering Services: Flexible Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Transform your audio with our flexible pricing options

Note: We also offer US dollar pricing for our international clients below. Conversions are based on the current exchange rate during posting.

Hourly Rate

Do you have an ongoing project? We can help you. For only 600 pesos per hour, we will fix your audio.

Our experienced audio editors offer competitive hourly rates (₱600) for flexible pricing and ongoing projects.

Per-Song Packages (3-5 minute audio)

Let us help you polish that song cover of yours. For only 1000 pesos, we will mix and master your track.

Basic (₱1,000): For simple edits and quick fixes.


  • Noise reduction
  • Basic EQ
  • Volume automation
  • File format conversion
  • Fades

Standard (₱1,500): Ideal for songs needing a polished soundscape


  • Everything in the Basic Package
  • Advanced EQ
  • Vocal tuning (Basic)
  • Compression & limiting
  • Reverb & delay
  • Basic Mastering

Premium (₱2,500): For bands and solo artists demanding a professional, radio-ready sound


  • Everything in the Standard Package
  • Advanced vocal tuning
  • Multi-track mixing
  • Creative effects
  • Professional mastering

Per-Project Packages

Let's transform your podcast into a radio-ready masterpiece. We'll ensure it sounds professional and top-notch quality.
  • Basic (under 15 minutes): Starting at ₱1,500
    This is suitable for simple edits or short projects (under 15 minutes)
  • Standard (15-30 minutes): Starting at ₱3,000
    Ideal for projects requiring moderate editing (15-30 minutes) with noise reduction, basic mixing/mastering
  • Premium (30+ minutes): Starting at ₱5,000
    For complex projects (over 30 minutes) including advanced editing, vocal tuning, advanced voiceover enhancements, intricate mixing/mastering

Additional Notes:

Audio Mixing and Mastering Terms and Conditions
  • A 50% deposit of the agreed rate is required to initiate work.
  • Full payment is due upon project completion and client approval.
  • Up to five (5) modification requests are included. Significant reworks may incur additional charges.
  • Final audio will be delivered in .MP3, .WAV, and .FLAC formats.
  • Final audio will be delivered to the client via their preferred method. This could include a downloadable link from a secure cloud storage service (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) or another method agreed upon in writing.
  • Turnaround times: 1-3 days (Basic), 3-5 days (Standard), 5-7+ days (Premium)
  • Rush Service Available
  • Custom quotes for unique projects
    contact us for more details

Our Pricing

Our pricing options (both in Philippine pesos and US dollars) ensure you get the best value. Per-song pricing simplifies budgeting for musicians, while per-project pricing is ideal for audiobooks, podcasts, or complex audio with varying segment lengths.

Our Tools:

  • Reaper (DAW)
  • Top-tier plugins from Waves, Izotope, Valhalla, FabFilter, Melodyne, Antares Autotune, and more.
  • Accurate recording, mixing and mastering with professional studio monitors, microphones and audio interface

For Our International Customers (Prices in USD):

Let us help you with your ongoing audio project for only 12 US dollars per hour
  • Hourly Rate: $12

Per Song Packages

Do you have a song cover? Avail this Audio Mixing and Mastering for as low as 20 US dollars per project.
  • Basic: $20
  • Standard: $30
  • Premium: $50

Per Project Packages

Improve your podcast quality for only 30 US dollars
  • Basic: Starting at $30
  • Standard: Starting at $55
  • Premium: Starting at $90

Contact us today for a free quotation and consultation and let’s improve your audio!