Premium VPS Hosting 25 GB (1 month)



  • 1 CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 25 GB storage


Are you planning to upgrade from shared hosting and you want to try a VPS server? But you still need some assistance as you are just starting out as a server administrator. You can start by subscribing to our most popular VPS product which is the Premium Virtual Private Server with technical support.


For only 550 pesos a month, you will have the most reliable VPS Hosting already. It can host up to three (3) websites for free, five (5) music bots, two (2) radio stations, unlimited TeamTalk Servers and many other applications. Plus it includes limited free technical support, list of server commands, TeamTalk scripts, weekly backup and regular system updates.


A domain name is required before you can purchase this hosting service which you can get for free when you avail our Premium VPS Hosting (yearly).


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