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Your Next Steps

What you will need

Once everything is setup, you will receive e-mail/s containing your subscription details such us server credentials and instructional materials.

What’s next

First it’s time to download necessary applications and configure everything on your end. We are still there assisting you in case there’s issues, or there’s some things you don’t understand. This is what separates us from other hosting providers you may have tried already. We will give technical assistance as long as you need it. We will even setup your applications for you if you want us to! However, as much as possible, we encourage everyone to learn stuff on their own; that way we could say that we accomplish our primary goal and that is to let our partners become hosters themselves; in the future it’s not just SaktoHost that can give amazing services as what we’ve been doing for a long time.

Schedule a session

You can inform us that you are interested in getting a live support from us. We will then set a schedule that you must agree on. Our preferred platforms to do the sessions are the following so you must install any of those and setup an account if necessary:

  • TeamTalk
  • Zoom
  • Facebook Messenger
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