Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Category: Domain

A domain name or simply domain is a word or string of words with an extension at the end after the period (.) that points to an IP address.

It is what you usually type on your browser address field to access a website or your VPS server.

If you avail a TeamTalk Hosting from us, the domain name is what you put in the host address field.

One example is which is our domain name.

A server is a powerful computer that provides storage for files and applications usually remotely or within a network.

Category: Domain

The domain name system (DNS) is like a phonebook of the internet.

When you type a website domain on your browser, one of the things that happen is the request goes to a DNS server which acts like a middleman between you the client, and the intended server which stores the website you are trying to access.

What it does is it matches the domain to an IP address then processes the request accordingly.

Category: Domain

A domain propagation or DNS propagation is the process that takes place every time there are changes in the DNS records of a domain around the world. During this period, your website or VPS server may not be accessible from all devices, or may appear as unstable or insecure to you and to your users. It can take up to 48 hours or sometimes even reaching 72 hours to complete. The solution is to use your IP address to access your server temporarily, or wait until it is completed before doing anything.