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    1. Jeniffer Gomez Torres says:

      How to connect on your channel

    2. Jeniffer Gomez Torres says:

      Hindi ako maka connect paano?

    3. Jeniffer Gomez Torres says:

      How to connect

    4. raymund dalunes says:

      hi po, kung papahintulotan ninyo po ako po ay gustong mag karoon ng sariling radio station dito sa upang maka pag brodcast sa online. thanks po.

    5. Faith gilbuela says:

      #comment19 hi po. Kong papayagan niyo po akong magkaroon ng server po sa team talk para po sa groups po thank you po

    6. Faith gilbuela says:

      Paano po?

    7. junare says:

      Hello! saktoHost, just wanna us if the the server is accessible for screen reader user in terms of its panel control as well as uploading html files?

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